sugars, artificial flavorings + colorings + other ingredients used in most cakes + sweet goods, and without using a ton of high-carb starches and gums used in most gluten-free products. I created a Rawmona's Kitchen with a deep passion and a mission to create a magical world where we can all eat cakes + baked goods without compromising our health.

I want to spread the sweetness + magic everywhere, and want to share what I have learned with as many people as I can. I offer cooking/baking classes upon request. Whether you have a date night, time with your friend's or your kid's birthday party, make it an opportunity to learn with Rawmona! Please visit this page here if you wish to learn and uncover the magical world of healthy baking + cooking.

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Rawmona's Kitchen was born out of my love for food + my belief in magic. I make cakes, cake jars, muffins + other sweet goods that are made with non-GMO, gluten, refined-sugar and artificial-anything free, sometimes vegan, and mostly organic ingredients, without compromising the taste. In fact, they taste pretty amazing. Read our testimonials here

I have been baking for my entire life (see my story below), and as I made my diet cleaner along the years to protect my health, my baking became healthier too. I have a huge sweet tooth and sadly, it's pretty hard to find tasty, truly healthy baked goods, so I began making them myself. I believe eating cake (and other sweets) is one of the best things in life, and all of us should be able to enjoy it!

Through Rawmona’s Kitchen, I offer rich, tasty sweets without the harmful effects of non-organic food, processed wheat, gluten, refined




I am a Mexican artist with a love for baking + road trips + cute coffee shops + colors. I was born in Mexico City, and after living in many different cities, I settled in Bend, OR.

My baking career took off very early in life: I started baking when I was 7, using the regular oven and my Easy Bake oven as well. I took my first cooking class when I was 8 and I have taken a number of courses in Mexico, Italy, Boston and NYC. What I know, though, doesn't only come from the classroom. I learned from my books, magazines, blogs, our home cook, and my family. 

Making food is in my genes. My grandma spent years of her life cooking for the workers at my grandfather's Hacienda and did it like no other. She made her own jam and ice cream, made the best "arroz con leche" and wrote a huge selection of recipes. She passed down her love for food to some of us. My brother taught me how to make chocolate milkshakes and "Corn Flakes" cheese fingers, and went on to open his first restaurant when he was 25, my sister created + owns her own fro-yo shop in Mexico (the BEST fro-yo you will ever have), and my aunt has worked in many restaurants + now owns her own in Cancun, Mexico. 

The kitchen is my happy place. I have cooked, hosted dinners, and have baked cakes for people I love many, many times: failing and succeeding. I love making food for others and always dreamt of owning my own bakery. 

I had a cookie stand outside my house called "Galletitas Riquiiiisimas", meaning "Deliiicious Cookies" (see photo above) when I was 8, and as a teenager walked door to door selling my homemade Cajeta (a mexican caramel sauce) jello. I was on a mission to spread the sweetness all around.

Along the years, the time that I haven't spent in the kitchen, or traveling, I have spent drawing, designing, or creating something of some sort. Architecture school, design school, launching my own jewelry line, working as a food photographer + stylist, designing websites... creating beautiful things + sharing them with others around me is part of my mission in this life.

One random morning in 2014 in my NYC apartment, Rawmona was born out of my love for food, nature and art. She is an exploration, representation and celebration of my inner child - a playful, curious, fun-loving 5 year old who loves to daydream, still believes in magic and believes you can find it in the simplest things in life. After making many Rawmona illustrations, collaborating with such as Whole Foods + Moleskine, and creating a greeting card line, Rawmona merged herself with my passion for baking, and Rawmona's Kitchen was born. 

If you are curious to learn more about my other work, please go here.

Thanks for sticking around. Gotta go now - it's time for cake!